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  • Code: Zombie Survivor

    One town was dominated by thousands of zombies and several survivors are hiding in streets and houses. A shelter was created so you can take the survivors to the helicopter that will take them safely. But many problems can arise, you need to feed your survivors and also take care of their health. Play this real-life survival FPS with real-life simulation of the characters with the main needs. Be strategic and get as many survivors as you can. Also create your surviving avatar and participate in the FPS online championships to rescue the largest number of people. Version with multiplayer.
    $199.00 $99.00

  • Code: Zombie Zero

    Game in 2d of Zombie shoot in third person sidescroll created in Construc 2. Source code available more graphics.
    $99.00 $59.00

  • Dance Mania

    I challenge the best dancers in the world in this incredible dance game with step, where you will have to follow the colors and arrows and make as many passes as possible in less than 3 minutes. Avoid making mistakes to give great passes and spectacular combos, each song a challenge to release the next ... good dance!

  • Deluxe Games : Puzzles

    Deluxe Games Puzzles is a franchise of mini games with varied themes and famous games in just one App. It turns out in this version with DOMINOES, MAHJONG, SOLITAIRE, CHESS, DAMA, RESTA 1 among other mini games that are unlocked according to your Performance and success. Every week new games and challenges with prizes and gifts of playfox in the best of the ranking.

  • Dragon Casttle

    Defend the Castle with these powerful heroes by using their weapons-buying strategy to prevent the enemy from stealing the dragon castle's magic. Castle Dragon has numerous stages and powerful enemies, plus dozens of bosses. Stay armed and defend the castle.

  • Dragon Craft GO

    Game Based on Geolocation, where your location turns into a Tower and you need to defend it from invasions and other players who will try to destroy them. Find Trucks and earn bonuses for your city and find the Dragon Cubes scattered and hidden by the Kingdom of your city. When you find, capture using Augmented Reality and use them in great battles, each has a special power. Dragon Craft is a game that uses your fortress location and you can walk through the map of your city without having to leave the place with just the touch. Fight with this great online game! Requirements for a good gaming experience: GPS + Internet connection Minimum of 1GB RAM

  • League Hero Runner

    The Blackbird Heroes, Flea Man, FoxWoman, and Monsterboy were recruited for an incredible mission, saving the city from the hands of the terrible Colossus, an artificial intelligence program developed by the Bio Technology company CERBERUS, and now has now lost control and is dominating The machines and building an army to destroy humanity. Have fun in this new Playfox Games franchise with exclusive heroes based on HQ language. Complete the missions sent by your commander, and pass phases. Participate in online events and weekly competitions with your favorite heroes.

  • MiniPlocks

    The MiniPlocks arrived to make you happy while everyone sleeps. They emit their own light and are in their bedroom getting as much candy and food as they can, but a Cat will do anything to disrupt them. Play in various adventure modes, challenge mode online, play with offline friends as well and campaign mode with small missions by Master OctoPlocks. Come and join the newest PlayfoxGames franchise, and enjoy this incredible gameplay.

  • MiniWatch: Warfare Multiplayer

    First-person multiplayer game to play sports disputes with red or blue teams, and compete for the leadership of your country. Call players from any part of the world to be part of this great showdown or game in Player VS Robots mode, ridding the city of evil. Training Mode or Campaign ★ ★ shooter First person game that can be player online or offline, you choose your shooter, and have to rid your city of robots or bots trained to kill. Eliminate them along with your friends by playing multiplayer and conquer items scattered across the scenario. Teams Mode ★ ★ team sports Using all your skill you can assemble your team among friends, or even call users from other countries to form a team and enter this great confrontation. This mode works only online because it needs multiplayer players. Choose Team Blue and Red and go to the Great Battle. There is no minimum

  • Monster Ball GO

    Monster Ball GO is a geolocation-based game that uses its real position and locomotion to venture into the game by finding the Lost Monsters that form created by a powerful space ball. You can capture your Increased Reality Monster using your mobile phone's camera. Get a better experience by using this innovative technology junction, and bring the most powerful Monsters together for a great online battle.    

  • Monster Ball Rush

    The Adventure is back, MONSTER BALL GO, now in special runner version where you can capture the monsters around the city while getting rid of obstacles, as well as helping the eggs of rare monsters to be hatched, and collecting special monsters. Have fun with the familiar Monster Ball characters.

  • Out Race Luxury

    Who has the most expensive car or the fastest car. Take part in a race where everyone boasts their car, earn money and buy a better car and also display their great vehicle. Out Race Luxury, is a game where you have the mission to earn money and display your best car in the disputes. Lots of adrenaline in this 3d game with fantastic gameplay.

Showing 25–36 of 48 Result