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Reimbursement Policy

Reimbursement Policy


Check our refund policy and know in which services there will be a refund of the amount. The commercialized product is software that can be a source code, written in javascript or C #, Unity3d engine or Construc2, or template to create your project.

The return of a product and reimbursement will be governed by the following Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy, created by PLAYFOX GAMES, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Code (LEI N ° 8.078, SEPTEMBER 11, 1990).

PLAYFOX GAMES understands that the cancellation of the purchase on the customer’s initiative, with return of the product (s) and refund of payment occurs in two situations:

1. Non-delivery of Product.
2. Software defect


Some products are delivered automatically by our website, and most sales are monitored by online agents who check the 3 processes of the sale: 1) Order on the website, the order order is generated. 2) An invoice is forwarded to the end user 3) After paying, we wait for the credit operator to confirm payment via card, and then we release the source code.

OBS. The code is not hosted on our site expressly to prevent hacking by hackers trying to get our products online.

Lack of delivery is impossible to happen by our team working live monitoring, and because it has a sales demand not too high, being a specific product, makes it easy to monitor. But if for some reason of force majeure we can not deliver like, servers out of the air with no link to products. We return the money within 48 hours if requested by the customer, and have not received product,
as established in Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code (after this deadline, the product will be deemed accepted by the customer and we will send it to him when online again).

The customer should examine the product before the purchase, for this there are demo versions in stores of games and videos.


The default returns on the product will be made if the item purchased on the PLAYFOX GAMES website presents, within a maximum of 90 days, as provided in Article 26 of the Consumer Protection Code, changes not consistent with the nature of the code, as :
Code does not compile correctly, missing parts of the code described in advertising, or that the game is different from the one offered. Ex: Bought chess and came racing game.

All refund requests will be reviewed by Playfox Games Quality Control. The cancellation of the purchase will only be released after approval of those responsible for this sector. If we identify breach, attempt to deceive the company, lying that code does not work to take money back, our department will have how to find out and will take all legal action against the buyer.

Once the item is analyzed and the cancellation of the purchase is approved, a refund of the amount paid will be made. You will also be sent an email confirming the return and changing the status of the order to “Returned – Canceling Request”.

Refund Methods

The form of payment processing will be in accordance with the form of payment.

Refund payment made via credit card is sent to the bank issuing the consumer card, within 7 business days, counted from the date of receipt of all returned product (s). The refund of the value by the bank issuing the card to the consumer is the sole responsibility of the first one, being carried out according to its criteria and deadlines. In case of doubts about the refund of the credit in the invoice, contact directly the card issuing bank.

Payments with bank slip will be refunded by transfer or deposit of the amount to the specified bank account, within 7 business days from receipt of all returned product (s).